Candle, Downs 1932

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Come celebrate the Art Deco era with our new candle collection "1932".  This limited, fragrance collection pays tribute to the year when the Houses of Graybill and Downs were united.  

We currently stock three scents:

1.Hemlock and Black Tea incorporates the rich, fruity black tea notes with the woody essence of nature.    

2.From the parlors of London to the quaint cottages of the Cotswolds, Earl Grey has been an afternoon tea tradition for centuries in England.  Dating back to the early 1800's, Earl Grey tea with its deep, rich notes of black tea was transformed when the sweet, citrus notes of bergamot were introduced.  Building on this tradition, Graybill & Downs' Smoky Earl Grey Candle captures this distinctive tea then infuses underlining notes of smoke to create a truly unparalleled and elegant fragrance.

3.Graybill & Downs' Dartmoor Moss - Willow and Royal Jasmine Tea fragrance is steeped in the renowned fragrances of England over the centuries. Deep in the royal forest of Dartmoor is the a beautiful section covered in the earthy, richness of moss, which meets with the equally earthy, woody fragrance of the willow tree; commonly found throughout the countryside. The floral jasmine with it's subtle and aromatic blends with a white tea then comes together to create a truly unique, luxurious fragrance. 

                 •  17 oz | 100 hour burn time
                 •  Soy wax blend
                 •  Black glass vessel accented with silver, foiled embossed label
                 •  Beautiful black, linen-embossed box with satin black ribbon
                 •  Graybill & Downs artisan candles are hand-blended and poured
                 •  Made in the United States of Americ