Granite Whiskey Chilling Stones

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The perfect gift for someone who has it all! Our Granite Drink Chillers are sold as a set of four round granite stones chill cocktail without diluting it. Best if frozen at least two hours before use. Rinse thoroughly with warm water to clean.

Ice robs flavors and aromas by deep freezing fine spirits. The Granite Whiskey Chilling Stones are ideal for sipping scotch and other whiskeys and spirits at temperatures that enhance your drink without watering it down.

One stone is all that’s needed for the ideal chill without closing down the flavors. These stones stay cool long enough for you to leisurely enjoy your fine libation.

The round contours and handcrafted edges of our stones allow them to swirl smoothly around the glass without scratching. The unique shape keeps them safely and predictably on the bottom as you sip. 


Instructions: Rinse before first use. Freeze a minimum of 2 hours before placing in drink. to clean, rinse thoroughly with water. 


Available in Two Colors: Black or White

Material: Granite

Dimension: 1.5" DIA

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