About Us

Danshire Market and Design is owned by Kim Smith and her two daughters, Kathryn and Meredith. The Danshire Market name is a combination of the names Dan and Yorkshire. Kim’s father’s name is Dan and her maternal grandmother, Lillie May, lived on Yorkshire. The store is named in honor of these two people because of their great strength and love of life.
At age 35, Dan was injured when concrete blocks crushed his lower body. One of his legs was amputated as a result of the accident and he had to restart his life after a difficult recovery. Lillie May lived into her mid-90s, living independently and maintaining her ability to drive until she passed away. Faced with a number of struggles, Lillie May’s love of life always shone through and made it possible for her to overcome these challenges. The Danshire name recognizes their strength and love of life and is the family’s way of paying homage to their legacy.
Kim and her daughters decided to found the store in 2017, at just the right moment in their lives. Kim was ready to reinvent herself, Kathryn was looking for a challenge, and Meredith, who was about to graduate from college, was seeking a platform where she could launch her design services. The three decided to come together to open Danshire Market and Designs and transform their passions into their profession.
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